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The Volt cordless power nozzle for central vacuums allows you a smooth, powerful cleaning experience. Volt is unique in its capabilities due to its battery-powered agitator, which pushes and pulls for a deep, thorough clean. Powered by a 44-volt battery, you'll get up to an hour of run time, and an indicator to tell you when the battery is getting low. The Volt is also equipped with a bright LED headlight for seeing under dark spaces, a squeegee for cleaning bare floors, and rubber wheels and bumper to protect your floors and furniture from incidental bumping. The Volt is designed to complete your central vacuum system and empowers you to clean everywhere in your home.


The Volt nozzle does not include a hose or handle. It is designed to fit your existing central vacuum hose and handle.

Volt Central Built-In Cordless Battery Power

Usually ships within two weeks.
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