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RX HEPA 380 15 RX HEPA 380 15"
More Info.
Code: RX380
Price: $699.00
Quantity in Basket: none
RX 450 HEPA 18 RX 450 HEPA 18"
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Code: RX450
Price: $716.00
Quantity in Basket: none

RX 500 HEPA 20 RX 500 HEPA 20"
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Code: RX500
Price: $816.00
Quantity in Basket: none

RX Evolution
RX Evolution Features
RX 380-450-500 EvolutionRX 380-450-500 Evolution
The RX comes in three sizes, engineered to satisfy every application you encounter to obtain the maximum productivity in small rooms of hotels and offices, as well as big halls and long passages.

Hospital ProvenHospital Proven
Electrostatically charged filter media is currently used in hospitals for biological control. This same material used at the vacuum exhaust ensures that all expelled air (including the carbon brush dust from the motor) is cleansed to the highest possible level. It meets all hospital sound and filtration requirements.

Hard Floor ToolsHard Floor Tools
The efficient hard floor tools (LINDHAUS patented) for surfaces like ceramic, marble and wood, will allow you to transform the carpet cleaner into a powerful hard surface cleaner. Its rubber wheels glide silently over every surface.

Electronic ProtectionElectronic Protection
The electronic circuit allows proper height adjustment on carpet. In addition, it makes the motor start slowly, keeping the speed steady. The circuit also shuts off the power head motor instantly in case of snagging or blocking of the brush, preventing damage to the power head which saves both time and money.

Changing the BrushChanging the Brush
The brush roller is balanced to eliminate vibration at high speed. The roller brush has convergent bristles and is assembled on aluminum supports with 3 ball bearings. It can easily be replaced without tools. Two rotating cylinders allow the machine to slide along flush with the wall.

On-Board ToolsOn-Board Tools
For above the floor cleaning, the RX is equipped with the Lindhaus patented telescopic wand, rotating round dusting brush, crevice tool and a 4 to 1 strength flexible hose. This makes the RX the most effortless vacuum to use for both carpets and above floor cleaning.

World Class Carpet CleanerWorld Class Carpet Cleaner
The remarkably engineered RX Carpet Cleaner is equipped with non marking rubber wheels that are uniquely designed to allow the user to easily maneuver the machine in any direction. Two-position operation allows the user to lift the base for threshold or use the machine in a horizontal position for the lowest possible clearance.

Exclusive AccessoriesExclusive Accessories
RX is exclusive in its entirety, accessories and spares included. Our dealers are pleased to offer the best of quality and service at competitive prices.

All Lindhaus vacuum systems have user selectable filtration, up to HEPA. Our unique system allows you to choose not only the level, but the type of contaminants you would like to remove from the enviroment everytime you clean.

The standard filtration packaged at the factory with each vacuum is a 3M® filtrete electrostatic microfilter. This is the same type filter used in hospitals to keep biological contaminates in check. The filtration efficiency tests done on Lindhaus vacuums by the independent laboratory IBR (USA) show the result of a Lindhaus sealed filtration system.

All models of Lindhaus vacuums can also be fitted with an optional S-class HEPA filter, available from your dealer, for filtration of particles 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency of 99.97%
This allows you to acheive a higher level of filtration during the allergy seasons or when contaminants may be at a higher level in job area, such as after remodeling.

Also available is the Micron Carbon filter, a combination of activated carbon between two layers of 3M® Filtrete. The Micron Carbon Filter allows you to control odors and gasses that are offensive or harmful through the air cleansing power of activated charcoal.

Net Filtration Efficiency

Household Contaminants

The Lindhaus RX has become renowned worldwide thanks to its superb filtration system and the advanced technology used in its construction.

With the RX , the noise level has been reduced and the ease of handling and operator's comfort has been improved.

Both motors are assembled on swinging supports, allowing a further reduction of noise and vibrations.

The replacement of the roller from the side does not need any tools.

The on-board accessories have been improved thanks to the rotating round dusting brush and the telescopic extension wand.


The Lindhaus warranty is as easy as 1-2-3! One year on the complete machine, 2 years on the motors, and 3 years on the belt.

  RX Evolution
RX Hepa 380 electronic 15"
RX Evolution
RX Hepa 450 electronic 18"
RX Evolution
RX Hepa 500 electronic 20"
Total power 900 W 920 W 920 W
Vacuum motor 720 W 720 W 720 W
CFM 102.8 102.8 102.8
Water lift (inch) 79 79 79
Electronic control optional
Bag capacity (Quart) 4 lt. 4 lt. 4 lt.
Full bag indicator standard standard standard
Washable cloth bag optional optional optional
Microfilter 3M Filtrete standard standard standard
S-Class Hepa Filter optional optional optional
Carbon Active Filter optional optional optional
On-Board accessories standard standard standard
Power cord 40 ft. 40 ft. 40 ft.
Brush motor 180 W 200 W 200 W
Electronic control Overload and RPM Overload and RPM Overload and RPM
Brush roller 14" 16,4" 18,4"
Speed 5000 RPM 4500 RPM 4500 RPM
Roller support Metal with 3 bearings Metal with 3 bearings Metal with 3 bearings
Anti-wear protection stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Sound Level db 68.6 68.6 68.6
Weight 17.7 lbs 17.98 lbs 18.18 lbs
Double insulated standard standard standard

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