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Pure Power Dry Cleaning Products

  Pure Power Stain Remover Concentrate
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Code: CHE1000
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Pure Power Dry Shampoo System

Dry shampoo systems are very easy to use. Pull out your scrubber and dry compund, pre-spray the activator, scrub in the compound, and you're done.

Dry systems don't require shutting down a portion of the house because the carpet will be wet for awhile. You can walk on it as soon as you are finished, and nothing will be hurt. Vacuum it up in an hour or wait until the morning. It doesn't matter either way.

Dry systems won't resoil like wet systems. Wet shampoos contain water, detergent, and solvents. The detergents in the shampoo cause a residue to be left behind that will clean the bottom of your dirty shoes and transfer it right onto your carpet.

Dry systems don't have a problem with wicking like wet systems. When you use the wet system the water drives the soil to the base of the carpet fibers where it doesn't get sucked back into the recovery tank. These dark spots will reappear the first humid day of the year.The dry system will treat the top third of the fibers where the soil exists.

Dry system shampooing also blends very well. It doesn't leave distinct lines in the carpet from where you shampooed and where you stopped, so traffic areas are a breeze to keep up.

Click here to see the EcoSpreaders from Lindhaus that use these products or you can use alone.
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